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With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to select a new PC or laptop that will meet your needs and perform reliably over the next few years. You may be familiar with the terms “business class” and “consumer grade” hardware but are not entirely certain of the differentiators. We have provided an accessible list that will help you and your users identify which choice is better for your organization.

Business Class Hardware

  • Business class hardware is built to withstand the rigors of a full work week. PCs and Laptops are built using the same components throughout the lifecycle of each model.
  • Laptop battery life is optimized to last throughout the workday. 
  • Business class hardware is highly configurable and built to last, including 3-year on site hardware warranties. 
  • Laptops are fully compatible with business class docking stations, providing access to dual monitors, additional ports, and charging.

Consumer Grade Hardware

  • Consumer grade hardware is designed to meet a specific price point set by the manufacturers marketing department. 
  • Components will vary based on availability. and configurations are limited to a few specific options (price points). 
  • Often loaded with unnecessary applications, trials, and demos (bloatware), these models will require additional setup time to remove those sometimes dozen or more unrequested applications. 
  • Consumer grade hardware typically includes a 1-year “mail-in” warranty vs 3-year onsite service.

While selecting a consumer grade product can appear more practical for your budget, it can end up costing the company more in the long term. If you are looking to buy new hardware for your company and are unsure which models will work best for your users, Go West IT maintains partnerships with Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo, and other business class hardware vendors. Our account manager and procurement team are here to ensure that your company acquires the right tools for your specific needs. Please reach out with any specific questions or hardware requests. Acquiring the proper equipment will help to ensure lower support costs over the lifetime of the hardware.