Financial Insitution Specialization

Go West IT specializes in guiding financial services including but not limited to commercial banks, credit unions, registered investment advisors, wealth managers, title companies, certified financial planners, private equity, investment banks, accountants, and tax advisors.

Information technology and cybersecurity services do not vary dramatically between financial institutions and other types of businesses. However, regulatory burden, reliance on IT system uptime, core processor platforms, industry specific software, and service bureau vendors are unique to financial services. Go West IT’s skill and experience navigating the regulatory environment and platforms gives our customers a competitive advantage.

Why choose Go West as your guide?

Industry Experience

Go West IT is experienced in supporting regulated businesses. We have assisted with completing exam request, sat in exam meetings, and worked with customers on penetration test, audit, and exam responses.

Third Party Validation

Go West IT obtains a SOC 2, Type II audit on an annual basis. This independent third-party AICPA audit standard makes it easy for our regulated financial services customers to demonstrate to stakeholders, auditors, and examiners, that Go West IT has the appropriate policies, procedures, and controls for our service offerings and further that we have adhered to those controls throughout the one-year audit period.

Skillset & Capacity

Go West IT excels at hiring and developing IT talent so that you can rely on us to be ready when you need us. Our deep and wide pool of IT expertise and critical thinking skills is at your service through internal personnel changes, business expansion, platform changes, and in the event, you need incident response assistance.

Evidence of Execution

Go West IT will provide routine documentation of service execution (patching, monitoring, alerting, and issue resolution) so that your business understands the value we bring and so that you can provide evidence of execution to stakeholders and third parties.

Constant Improvement

IT and financial services landscapes change constantly. Our customers count on Go West IT to adapt and evolve our IT services to help them stay ahead of the curve.  You can rely on Go West To choose and vet the right IT solutions partners to keep your business safe and help position you to take advantage of the technology.

Responsive & Caring Support

We know that attracting and keeping talent is hard.  We also know that responsive, caring, and effective IT support will help your people be productive and happy.  Our staff has the skillset and are chosen for their willingness and customer service skills to create a great IT support experience for your staff.

Service Plan Options

Financial institutions also have a greater need for tight identity management controls, change management controls, and financial institutions require documentation to demonstrate service execution to internal stakeholders, auditors, and examiners. Our Go Managed service plans are designed with financial regulations in mind, they provide the foundational IT and cybersecurity support needed to protect your organization from harm, and provide the peace of mind to seize opportunities.

Financial Services Choice Plan


The Go Managed | Proactive managed service plan combines the expertise of our IT professionals with software licensing and our powerful remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform to deliver the perfect IT support outcome for your business.

  • Basic device monitoring and reporting on hardware inventory, software inventory, CPU, RAM, disk, connectivity, last logged in user, and more.
  • Automated operating system and third party software patching.
  • Managed antivirus, including deployment and ongoing antivirus maintenance labor.
  • Ongoing vulnerability management.
  • USB storage device controls.

Proactive Plus

The Go Managed | Proactive Plus managed service plan, our most popular offering, builds upon our base Proactive plan by providing increase engagement and advanced detect and response services for devices and cloud environments.

  • Includes everything in the Proactive plan
  • 24/7 Service Desk support labor included.
  • Account Manager and Primary Engineer assigned to the account.
  • Deployment of threat detection software, cloud monitoring configurations, and advanced firewall monitoring.
  • Installation and on-going monitoring of a managed cloud backup platform for Microsoft 365 services, covering Exchange, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Teams.


The Go Managed | Comprehensive managed service plan is our all-inclusive support option, combining our managed services, security services, and support labor to provide your business with peace of mind that the Go West IT team is behind you.

  • Includes everything in Proactive Plus
  • Field staff (IT Engineer) support labor included
  • Self-managed email filtering solution.
  • Simulated phishing campaigns that identify phish prone users and train them to identify and report real-world phishing attempts.
  • A password management solution for your entire organization, including all necessary software licensing and ongoing support for the platform.

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Co-Managed Solutions

Go West puts a strong emphasis on security, for both regulated and unregulated customers. It’s in our DNA to be obsessed with securing our clients’ infrastructures, whether on-premise, or in the cloud. Our Go Secured service plans are stand alone cybersecurity tools that be leveraged by any organization. Each offering can be used independently of our core managed services. These plans are popular as a co-managed solution for internal IT departments that are seeking assistance with  cybersecurity services.


The Go Secured | Vault managed security service is a password management solution for your entire organization, including all necessary software licensing and ongoing support for the platform.

  • An encrypted vault where users store their credentials for an unlimited number of accounts.
  • Browser extensions aid users in creating, storing, and auto populating complex and unique passwords.
  • Access to password vaults from any device: mobile apps, desktop apps, and browser extensions.
  • Enforced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
  • Help your users improve their credential hygiene, without seeing their credentials, by reviewing their Security Audit score


The Go Secured | Cloud 365 managed security service provides a broad Microsoft 365 security suite that includes backups, increased mailbox protection and safeguards against malicious links and attachments throughout the Microsoft 365 platform.

  • Installation and on-going monitoring of a managed cloud backup platform for Microsoft 365 services, covering Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.
  • Scanning of attachments in Microsoft 365 email, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams for malicious content and real-time blocking of malicious content.
  • Opening of links in a sandbox (safe) environment to scan for malicious content before allowing users to access the website.


The Go Secured | Advanced Endpoint managed security service plan provides security layers designed to both defend devices against threats from taking place and advanced monitoring to catch threats early so action can be taken.

  • Managed antivirus, including deployment and ongoing antivirus maintenance.
  • Deployment of threat detection software, and advanced firewall monitoring.
  • Advanced telemetry from endpoints, and firewalls combines log data necessary for early detection of a wide variety of attacks and breaches.
  • Endpoint monitoring on and off the company network.


The Go Secured | Phish managed security service helps you identify your most phish prone users and reduces cyber risk through recurring testing and training.

  • Simulated phishing campaigns that identify phish prone users and train them to identify and report real-world phishing attempts.
  • Four Go West IT crafted phishing campaigns and up to two additional customized campaigns per year.
  • Phishing simulation results reporting.
  • Configuration and installation of an Outlook plugin that provides each Microsoft 365 user with one-click reporting to Go West of simulated phishing emails, proving they can recognize a real-world attack.

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