WannaCry is a serious threat but mitigation tasks remain the same.

A new ransomware threat dubbed WannaCry was released last week. WannaCry is getting a great deal of publicity because of the rate of infections and the well known victims. WannaCry and variants are a very serious threat.

Fortunately, the mitigation tasks for WannaCry are the same as they are for any other virus or ransomware threat.

1. Patch, patch, patch…

2. Implement a solid backup solution (including offsite backups) for critical data so you can recover quickly from ransomware without paying a ransom.

3. Use a good business class next generation firewall that scans for viruses and intrusion attempts.

4. Use good business class antivirus software on all of your devices.

5. Train your people how to identify phishing emails.

Running Windows Updates on your systems will install patch(es) to mitigate the risk of being infected with the current strains of WannaCry.

Go West IT customers using our Go Proactive and Go Comprehensive managed services benefit from routine Microsoft and third party application (e.g., Adobe, Java, Flash) patching to mitigate the current WannaCry threat and those that will follow.

Consider using a service like Know Be 4 to routinely test and train your employees on how to recognize phishing attempts and understand the cybersecurity landscape. Go West IT can set up the Know Be 4 service for a very reasonable fee (less than the cost of a single ransomware infection).

Watch our short eight minute video on cyber risk mitigation by visiting our website and clicking on Solutions, then Cybersecurity. Do not wait for the next highly publicized attack. Start now!