By now many of you have noticed the new “Get Windows 10” upgrade icon in the bottom right corner of your computer screen.  Eligible operating systems can take advantage of a free upgrade to the latest Windows desktop OS when it is released on or about July 29, 2015.  Now you need to decide if you should upgrade.  The answer is yes but businesses should absolutely WAIT to upgrade until you have tested the new OS for compatibility with your line of business applications.  When businesses do upgrade, you should do so systematically to prevent unforeseen issues in your environment and to prevent a productivity hit while users adjust to Windows 10.

We can control the Windows 10 rollout in your environment but it requires that you act now to get ahead of your employees to block the pre-registration, download and upgrade via the “Get Windows 10” icon.

Some of our engineers have been running virtual instances of Windows 10 beta for some time now and I plan on upgrading very soon after it becomes available.  I’m excited about it and I am hopeful it will be a great platform.  Regardless, you should wait to upgrade the computers in your business and when you do upgrade you should have a plan that includes a roll back strategy.

Please just give us a call if you would like to discuss options for delaying the upgrade or developing a strategy to deploy the Windows 10 upgrade.


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