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Go West IT prides itself on our “security-obsessed” culture, with a focus on providing services and tools to allow our customers to better protect their business. As many organizations are facing the long-term shift to a remote work strategy, the need for more advanced security services only deepens further. That’s why our Cybersecurity in Colorado provides elite-level solutions for all sizes and types of businesses.

Safeguard your employees, strengthen controls, and reduce organization risk through supplementary layers of protection.


Targeting the protection of users and data, the Go Secured family of managed security service plans (MSSP) provides additional software, tools, and user training to increase the overall security posture of an organization.

Cybersecurity in Colorado

Go Secured equips an organization with solutions to educate and protect users against phishing attacks, implement advanced email filters, leverage tools to increase the complexity and safeguards for user credentials, as well as protect critical corporate data and communications platforms with increased backup and disaster recovery features. These fully managed plans include labor for configuration and ongoing administration, providing organizational leaders peace of mind.

Go Secured | Vault – enterprise-class password manager

Go Secured | Phish – simulated phishing attacks & ongoing training

Go Secured | 365 – advanced threat protection, email filtering & backup services

More details on Go Secured and our Cybersecurity in Colorado, visit this page here: https://www.gowestit.com/managed-services/#gosecured