Go West is experienced in implementing business continuity solutions for even the most heavily regulated industries including community banks, credit unions, FINRA banks, health care firms and SEC regulated customers. Robust solutions start with modest fixed implementation fees and low monthly recurring fees.

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As your trusted IT partner, Go West IT takes the safety of your data seriously and we offer several industry leading solutions to protect your data.

Backups are key to a proper business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan. Whether you experience a catastrophic loss, accidental data deletion, or simply need to recover a terminated employee’s data, backups provide the ability to restore your access to that data. To fully prepare your BCDR plan, you should ensure that your backups are stored in a secure, off-site location.

At the core are recovery centric solutions from leading vendors such as Datto and StorageCraft to meet a wide range of system and data recovery objectives. Solutions include options for onsite and offsite replication, full image and file based restores, as well as the frequency and retention of backups.

Go West Backup Solutions

The Problem:

All of your data is housed in one physical location, placing your data, and therefore your organization, at risk. There are several scenarios where the data can be lost: including physical disasters (such as a fire or flood) data corruption from a virus or faulty drives, and even loss from a ransomware attack. Securely replicating your business-critical data (preferably offsite in a secure cloud) is of the utmost importance.

The Go West IT Solution:

Go West IT offers several services to back up your critical on-premises data.

  • Datto Backup & Disaster Recovery – The Datto Appliance is an on-site hardware device that runs an image backup software inside your network environment, backing up your data to both the on-site appliance and to a secure off-site cloud. The Datto appliance has compute resources that allows you to spin up your servers on the appliance during a disaster or in the cloud, should you experience a catastrophic on-site failure. This is a robust and feature rich BCDR solution that provides the best BCDR strategy for on premises server.
  • StorageCraft Cloud Premium – StorageCraft backs up your data to an on-site network attached storage device (NAS), then replicates the data to a secure off-site cloud. This solution includes licensing and up to 1 TB of cloud storage per server at a very reasonable monthly cost. StorageCraft Cloud Premium also offers the ability to spin up your servers in the cloud at no additional charge.

The Problem:

While having your data and applications hosted in a cloud environment may reduce many risks associated with on premises solutions such as floods or fire, it does not prevent your server(s) from being compromised with a virus or a threat actor stealing your data in a ransomware attack. If your cloud hosted server is compromised, it can be disastrous for your organization.

The Go West Backup Solution:

Azure Backup is a cost-effective, secure, one-click backup solution that scales based on your backup storage needs. Azure Backup offers geo-redundancy and is ideal for Virtual Machines, SQL databases, and Azure file shares.

The Problem:

While storing important data on a laptop or desktop is convenient, it can also be quite risky. If your workstation is lost, damaged, affected by ransomware, or compromised by a virus, you can lose any data saved to the hard drive.

The Go West Backup Solution: Go West IT offers several services to back up your workstation data.

  • MSP Backup Workstation – Performs full image backup of all the data contained on a workstation. This allows Go West to restore an entire computer operating system or individual files and folders.
  • MSP Backup Documents – Backup for a defined list of file types that allows Go West to restore individual files. Please contact today for a full list of file extensions that are supported.

The Problem:

As organizations move more data to hosted services like Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams, it is more important than ever to secure this data. Cloud hosted email platforms such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace can be subject to lost data due to accidental or malicious deletion, or ransomware attacks.

The Go West Backup Solution:

Datto SaaS Protection safeguards any email, file, or other data stored in the Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace ecosystems from unwanted deletion, ransomware, and app overwrite errors. Engineered to provide comprehensive data protection in a secure cloud environment, Datto SaaS Protection provides consistently reliable backups, granular restores and exports, and security controls to meet data compliance and regulatory needs.


Go West prides itself on being at the very top of the IT Managed Services industry when it comes to our staff’s depth and breadth of our collective knowledge. We are continually learning and seeking answers so that we may always be a step ahead of what’s considered general best IT practices. Security is not simply a “check the box ” service at Go West. To put it succinctly, we are relentlessly focused on our customers’ security.

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Go West puts a strong emphasis on security, for both regulated and unregulated customers. In fact, it’s in our DNA to be obsessed with securing our clients’ infrastructures, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or via a hosted service. We provide fully managed IT services in Denver through our Go Secured family of offerings, focusing on the protection of users and corporate data to meet risk mitigation objectives. 

One item which sets Go West apart from our competitors is the completion of both SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II audits, which report on internal controls covering reporting, security, and confidentiality within the Go West environment.

Cybersecurity Solutions

The Go Secured | Vault managed security service is a password management solution for your entire organization, including all necessary software licensing and ongoing support for the platform.

The Problem

  • Users are expected to remember complex and unique passwords, but your business has not provided a secure tool to enable this behavior.
  • You have implemented a password policy, but you have no controls in place to ensure compliance.
  • Users reuse the same weak passwords over and over, saving passwords in easily compromised locations such as Word and Excel documents, Outlook Contacts, sticky notes, browsers, and personal online storage locations.
  • Cybercriminals actively seek to exploit vulnerabilities created by poor password hygiene and unsecured password storage solutions.

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The Go Secured | Phish managed security service helps you identify your most phish prone users and reduces cyber risk through recurring testing and training.

The Problem

  • Cyber criminals entice business users to divulge sensitive information like usernames and passwords through a constant barrage of phishing and social engineering attacks.
  • Credentials harvested through phishing attacks are used to carry out a wide range of financial crimes and data breaches including wire fraud, payables fraud, and ransomware attacks.
  • Despite the best of intentions, employees require constant testing and reminders to remain vigilant against these persistent threats.
  • Businesses lack the internal expertise and resources to provide constant phishing testing and training.
  • Traditional training platforms rely on outdated, prerecorded videos instead of modern content and delivery methods to meet your users at their technical levels.

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Go Secured | 365 managed security service provides a comprehensive Microsoft 365 protection suite that includes backups, simulated phishing training, and advanced protection against malicious links and attachments throughout the Microsoft 365 platform.

The Problem

  • Businesses rely on Microsoft 365 services for business- critical operations and criminal access to these systems has become the new frontier for cyber-attacks.
  • Businesses lack the skills, platforms, and resources to adequately address cyber risk related to Microsoft 365.
  • Inadvertent loss, malicious destruction, and ransoming of cloud data represents significant operational, financial, regulatory, and data privacy risk.
  • Cyber criminals entice business users to divulge sensitive information like usernames and passwords through a constant barrage of phishing attacks and social engineering.
  • Credentials harvested through phishing attacks are used to carry out a wide range of financial crimes and data breaches including wire fraud, payables fraud, and ransomware attacks.
  • Despite the best of

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Go Secured | Detect and Respond is an outsourced Security Operations Center (SOC) service offering from Go West IT, Detect & Respond monitors for and catches threats early, so you can thwart attacks before it’s too late.

The Problem

  • Cyber criminals are attacking small- and medium-sized businesses—and prevention is not enough.
  • Although vendors, partners, customers, employees, and regulatory agencies expect businesses to protect their systems and data, businesses cannot keep pace with the volume of emerging threats on their own.
  • Working from home makes it more difficult to monitor and detect events outside of the company network.
  • Cybercriminals often have access to systems for weeks or months before their presence is detected.

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Most businesses use cloud services but not every business leverages cloud services to their advantage. Cloud services aren’t right for every situation but it is important for businesses to consider cloud options whenever IT changes are at hand. Go West has the experience, vendor relationships, and skills to help your business leverage the cloud.

We help customers navigate the cloud landscape, chart a course that meets their specific business objectives, and then our skilled technical staff execute both deployment and ongoing administration.

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We are uniquely positioned as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider to provide end to end management of your Microsoft cloud services. We can handle the billing, management, and support of your entire Microsoft cloud infrastructure, as well as gain access to higher levels of Microsoft support. We can help cut through the buzzwords and show you when and how to leverage the cloud to benefit your business.

Go West IT supports thousands of users on Microsoft cloud services including;

  • Microsoft 365
  • SharePoint
  • Teams
  • Azure
  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Windows 365

2017 US SMB Azure West Region Partner of the Year from Microsoft