Go West IT

Personally Identifiable Information Policy


The objective of this policy is to inform customer stakeholders how we protect personally identifiable information, hereafter referred to as personal information, we may collect from them including:

· The purpose for collecting personal information

· The use of personal information

· The ability of users to opt-out of the collection and/or use of personal information

· When and how we share personal information

· If and how we disclose personal information

· Access to personal information

· Security of personal information

· Retention of personal information

· Personal information breach notification

· Disposal of personal information


Go West IT recognizes, respects and protects the personal privacy of our customers and their stakeholders, hereafter referred to as users, that may include shareholders, employees, contractors, vendors, and their customers. We realize that users may entrust us with personal information. It is our policy to secure personal information to prevent loss, theft, unintentional disclosure, and/or misuse.

Personal information is collected solely to facilitate delivery of services to our customers and to inform customers about our services. The most common type of personal information collected by Go West IT is an individual’s first name, last name, email address (usually their business email address), business address, business phone number and mobile phone number. Go West IT creates, collects, and stores a wide range of business credentials, usually in the form of usernames and passwords, for customer systems. Go West IT creates and stores individual user credentials used to access our support systems (e.g. ticketing systems, backup systems, and remote monitoring and management platforms).

Go West IT does not routinely ask for, collect, or store credentials for individuals. However, given the nature of services we provide it is possible that individual user credentials are encountered and/or shared with Go West IT personnel in the course of and for the purpose of delivering IT support services.

Individual users may always choose not to disclose personal information to Go West IT and/or our personnel. Individual users may also choose to opt out and thereby ask that Go West IT remove personal information stored in our systems. Doing so may impair our ability to deliver services to individual users and thereby our customer, their employer.

Go West IT has remote access to a broad range of customer systems and may therefore have access to personal information stored on those systems.

Go West IT may share personal information with third party service providers for the purpose of delivering services to our customers and to improve the products and services we provide to our customers. Go West IT obtains written confidentiality commitments from those third parties to protect personal information. Go West IT may also disclose personal information to comply with laws, legal process, litigation, and governmental authorities.

Go West IT takes the security of personal information very seriously. Go West IT employs physical, logical, and policy controls to protect access to systems used to deliver services to our customers and that may store or have access to personal information. These systems include, but are not limited to, ticketing systems, remote monitoring and management systems, credential management systems, Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms, and Go West IT computer networks. If shared, personal information is transferred via secure methods utilizing nothing less than 256-bit encryption.

Go West IT has implemented systems to detect and respond to threats that might put personal information at risk. Go West IT will notify impacted customers and users if a breach is identified.

Go West IT has an asset disposition policy to govern the secure disposal of systems that contain or may have contained personal information.

Questions or concerns about this and any Go West IT policy should be directed to info@gowestit.com or call our office at 303-795-2200 and ask to speak with Go West IT’s president.