A new and aggressive ransomware using a variant malicious code known as “Petya” is spreading at an alarming rate.

Petya comes on the heals of WannaCry just a few weeks ago and is getting a great deal of publicity because of the rate of infections and the well known victims. Petya is a very serious threat.  The frequency and velocity of these types of attacks will continue to increase.

Risk mitigation actions include the following:

1.  Patch, patch, patch… Patch all applications (OS, Adobe, Java, Flash, Mac), not just Windows Operating Systems.
2. Implement a solid backup solution (including offsite backups) for critical data so you can recover quickly from ransomware without paying a ransom.
3. Use a good business class firewall that scans for viruses and intrusion attempts.  Go West uses and recommends FortiGate firewalls.  FortiGate firewalls with UTM features enabled are helping to mitigate this particular threat.
4. Use good business class antivirus software on all of your devices.
5. Train yourselves and your people how to identify phishing emails.  Go West recommends and resells KnowBe4 phishing testing and security training for this purpose.
6. Employ a third-party email filter to scan inbound and outbound email.

Open RDP (Terminal Server) access is particularly vulnerable to this threat.  RDP access should be restricted to VPN and/or SSL gateway connections only.

Go West IT customers using our Go Proactive and Go Comprehensive managed services benefit from routine Microsoft and third party application (e.g., Adobe, Java, Flash) patching, managed antivirus, and managed backups to mitigate the current Petya threat and those that will follow.

If you are a Go West IT customer and are not yet using our Go Proactive or Go Comprehensive managed services we strongly recommend engaging Go West in this regard to help protect from this particular threat and those that will follow.

Please visit our website and click on Solutions, the Cybersecurity to watch a short video for more information on how tot protect you and your business from cyber threats.