Businesses today are under constant threat of falling victim to a cybercrime.  According to the FBI, between 2016 and 2019 there was an estimated $26 billion in losses related to Business Email Compromises (BEC) alone (https://www.ic3.gov/media/2019/190910.aspx).

Go West IT often gains new customers after an organization experiences a cybercrime and seeks assistance in remediation and reduction of future risk.  For existing Go West IT customers, we strive to continually provide an updated suite of services and cutting-edge industry tools, matched with a highly skilled team driven by a relentless focus on security.

Our core purpose is to empower people, solve problems, and protect livelihoods, so we hate to see any business suffer the pain and financial strain that results from a cybercrime.  This is why we are excited to announce the creation of the Go West IT No Breach Guarantee.  We are so confident in the effectiveness of our managed security service offerings and expert personnel, that we now offer a financially backed No Breach Guarantee that will reimburse your business 100% of your existing annual cyber insurance premium if you experience a breach.

Contact Go West IT today for full terms and requirements on services and security framework needed to qualify.


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Do you remember when Windows XP reached the end of its support lifecycle? We sure do, and it’s about to happen again with Windows 7 and Server 2008. Microsoft supports their operating systems for a minimum of 10 years following public release, after which, they pick a date to end all security updates for good. […]