David Lewien – Friday, February 01, 2013

Strategic Partnership Allows for Customized Cloud Solutions

We would like to introduce you to Ajubeo, a provider of high-performance, enterprise-class virtual private data centers and cloud infrastructure-as-a-service based in Boulder, CO. Go West IT is an authorized partner of Ajubeo. When implementing Private Cloud solutions for our customers, we appreciate the large enterprise-class cloud deployments Ajubeo of

Through our partnership with Ajubeo, we are able to offer our clients highly customized cloud infrastructure solutions, increased security and centralization of end-user data, universal access to desktops and applications from any device over any Internet connection, efficient workforce collaboration and file sharing, and improved productivity and mobility.fers to even small businesses with their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering.

Ajubeo’s robust virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offering accommodates business requirements from small deployments to thousands of desktops and features VMware View 5.1 Premier, NetApp SSD storage and carrier-grade networking technology from Brocade.

 “Ajubeo VDI runs on our proven enterprise-class cloud infrastructure, delivering industry leading IOPS and network performance, leading to end-users that see a marked increase in performance when compared to their physical workstations,” said Tom Whitcomb, CTO of Ajubeo. “Our Elite VDI offers capabilities that few vendors in the space can match, with performance that enables developers, engineers, architects, and other resource-intensive end-users to become more productive through the offloading of rendering processes, easy sharing of large files, and efficient collaboration.”

The idea for a cloud infrastructure company built to “enable the highest levels of business and architectural agility for today’s enterprise CIO” came as the founders of Ajubeo were conducting a cloud-readiness assessment for a large publicly traded enterprise. They discovered that a cloud infrastructure provider with the scalability and Cloud customization capabilities to meet the company’s current and future requirements simply didn’t exist. By fusing the world’s best technology with inspired innovation from experienced IT executives, Ajubeo is able to deliver maximum agility, security, reliability, and connectivity.

Go West IT’s partnership with Ajubeo allows us to deliver truly customized cloud solutions to our customers that result in the profit and peace of mind our customers expect from their IT consultant.