Microsoft is actively fighting cybercrime for the greater good.

My tour of the @Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC) this week was the highlight of my visit to the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA.  I was one of approximately 150 Microsoft partners invited to attend a small & medium sized business (SMB) partner executive briefing.   The briefing provided @GoWestIT with a valuable road map for new solutions to improve productivity and security for our small business customers (I.E. a cybercrime solution and more).  I love seeing what is ahead and the briefing was heavy on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) and there is no doubt small businesses will benefit from these technologies delivered via the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Cybercrime Solution

I was most impressed with what Microsoft has been doing rather than what is coming.  Microsoft developed technology to create digital fingerprints of photos and has donated the use of this technology to organizations like Dartmouth University to help fight the exploitation and abuse of children.  The exploitation statistics are staggering and Microsoft is leading the charge to address the problem with technology by helping to trace images back to the source and thereby the criminal and then to aid law enforcement in building cases to prosecute the criminals.  I had no idea that Microsoft was doing so much in this regard and it is impressive to see what an organization like Microsoft can accomplish for the better good when they point their resources and skills at a problem. They’re building a cybercrime solution.

Our chaperone explained the jurisdictional challenges associated with finding and prosecuting criminals across national borders and the antiquated laws used to prosecute cybercrime.  Many cybercriminals are prosecuted under centuries-old laws pertaining to chattel (cattle).  The very old laws were introduced to protect property rights for cattle that wander across a property line and end up being butchered by a neighbor.  Perhaps it is time for some updates to international law to help fight cybercrime?

Let’s Talk About Cybersecurity and about a Cybercrime Solution

I always enjoy talking about cybersecurity and about a cybercrime solution such as Microsoft’s work.  If you want to visit about what I saw and learned please just let me know.  We can jump on a call or meet for coffee.